Hey Movie Fans!

Welcome to Jordan’s Movie Guide. As you can probably guess, my name’s Jordan. Right off the bat, you should know I am by no means a professional movie critic. I’m not even an amateur one. So if you are looking for that on this site, you’re going to be very disappointed. I’m a police officer in my day (and sometimes night) job. Past that I’m just a regular guy who loves a cold beer, sports, the beach, and most importantly movies. I watch as many movies as I can and this is just a medium for me to talk about them with you, whether you are family members, personal friends, or just random fellow movie lovers. I keep my reviews simple and to the point. I watch movies to be entertained and my reviews reflect that. And hopefully you will find some entertainment in the reviews themselves.  Feel free to leave comments on the reviews. I’m doing this as a way to talk movie. So let’s do it.

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