Mad Max Fury Road Movie Review

mad max

Insane.  I saw Mad Max Fury Road with my dad and that was the only word either of us could use to describe this movie.  If you were like me then you got a rush of adrenaline watching each of the 394948 trailers (seriously they made a ton of those things).  And you get that same rush of adrenaline for the whole runtime of the movie.  The whole thing is basically one big action scene.  And I know what you are thinking.  Even as a huge action movie fan, a whole movie as one big action scene sounds exhausting and would really bring the movie down.  But somehow, based on the directing, acting, and short (very short) breaks in the action that advance the plot, it really works in this movie.

The positives far outweigh the very few negatives in this one.  The movie is very well directed and the cinematography is amazing.  The look of the movie is incredible especially during things like the sandstorm scene shown partially in  the trailers.  You could tell most of the effects and stunts were practical rather than relying too much on CGI like most movies these days and that made the movie feel fresh and really added to the entertainment value.  The action scenes are very memorable as well.  The acting is good.  Tom Hardy is great as usual as Max, the supporting cast in good; no super weak ones from my point of view.  But Charlize Theron really steals the show and does a great job.  The movie focuses on her a ton and she doesn’t disappoint.

The biggest negative is that the movie ends.  I was having such a great time with it that I was disappointed it had to end.  The only real negative though is, no doubt due to the almost nonstop action, the lack of any real character development.  There is some during the short slow parts but not enough to get you super invested in any of the characters and really care about them.  We also never really learn much about the villains themselves.

But enough of the negatives because this movie is great.  I have seen all the other Mad Max movies (not necessary to see this one) and wasn’t a huge fan but this movie gets me interested in where this universe can go.  It is a must see (in theaters if possible) and easily overtakes Age of Ultron (read that review here)  as the best movie of the summer so far.  My score for Mad Max Fury Road: 4.5/5 (Comparison scores: The original Mad Max: 3/5, Age of Ultron: 3.75)