Poltergeist (2015) Movie Review


Lets start this review with a little story.  On Halloween 2014, my girlfriend and I were watching scary movies.  One of these movies was the original Poltergeist.  And, while that movie is really creepy and an overall good horror movie, I couldn’t help but notice how dated the effects were.  I made a comment that this movie could be really great if they remade it with better effects.  I found out just a couple weeks later that they were indeed remaking it.  Fast forward 6 months later and I regret making that statement.  Because this movie is a mess with way too many jump scares and not enough genuinely creepy and scary moments.  It didn’t need to be made.

First, the positives (and I’m really stretching to find some here).  There were a few genuinely scary and creepy parts that I remember and get under my skin a bit but they are very few and far between.  The jump scares did what they were supposed to (I guess that’s a positive?).  Yeah, that’s about it.

But, oh boy are there a lot of negatives.  The acting is dry and no one really stood out.  Again, the jump scares were used way too often and do nothing to make a movie scary past the second it happens (and perhaps the few seconds it takes for your heartbeat to go back down to a normal level).  Somehow the effects weren’t that much better than the original despite being over 30 years later.  They took parts from the original and butchered them to make them considerably less scary.  Everything in this movie bothers me with how much of a injustice it does to the original.  Even down to the fact that the title in the beginning is cut into the grass for god knows what reason instead of just coming up on the screen.

I think you get to point.  Not a good movie.  Do yourselves a favor and skip it.  I saw it 2 weeks ago and barely even remember it.  Watch the original because its actually a little scary.  1.75/5 (Comparison score: Poltergeist (1982): 3/5)