Top 10 Movies of All Time

Top 10 lists will be a list of 10 movies that will be published once a week and will either have to do with a movie coming out that week or just what I want to do at the time.

The first top 10 list will be used to help you guys learn a little more about me. These are my 10 favorite movies of all time:

10. Saving Private Ryan

– Not the last Spielberg movie on this list but this is my favorite war movie of all time.  It mixes a huge scale with a very personal mission.  The intensity, themes, acting, and action scenes are tough to beat.

9. Casino Royale

– The best of the Bond movies so far in my opinion.  Not a dull moment in the movie with a great plot and even better action sequences.  Skyfall is a close second to this one.

8. Django Unchained

– It’s tight between this and Reservoir Dogs as my favorite Tarantino movie.  But this takes it due to it being the one I would put on right now and watch.  It’s immensely entertaining, quotable, and endlessly rewatchable.

7. Gladiator

– While I’m not a huge “swords-and-sandals” movie guy, I make an exception for this one.  Very entertaining and interesting movie.  Russell Crowe is great in the lead role.

6. Top Gun

– The flying scenes and the soundtrack.  Do I need any more reasons?

5. Jurassic Park

– Watched it so much as a kid that it is basically a part of me.  Oh and dinosaurs.  That is all. Next.

4. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

– A nearly flawless movie.  Best of the Star Wars movies and has one of the greatest twists in movie history (I won’t spoil it for the one person who hasn’t seen it and has somehow gone through their whole life avoiding the spoiler).

3. The Dark Knight

– By far the best superhero movie of all time. Takes the genre and puts a crime drama twist on it and makes it more realistic. Heath Ledger’s Joker is the best acting performance ever.

2. A Few Good Men

– You want to know why this one is so high on my list? I would tell you but you can’t handle the truth.

1. Die Hard

– My favorite movie of all time. Has a little of everything and is endlessly rewatchable and even more quotable. Saw it in theaters during a marathon before some atrocious piece of garbage A Good Day to Die Hard. My dad and I make my family watch it on Christmas Eve every year by using the excuse that its a Christmas movie.

This is a very hard list to come up with.  There are so many movies that are so close to making it.  I know all of you will disagree with my list and that’s too bad that’s ok.  Leave a comment with your favorites of all time.