Insidious Chapter 3 Movie Review

insidious 3

Noooo. God this movie was so close. So so close to being a really really good horror movie. But what we end up with is something only a little above average.

Insidious Chapter 3 is a prequel to the previous 2 Insidious movies.  It tells the story of a teenage girl who tries to contact her dead mother (obviously a somewhat flawed idea) and ends up contacting a demon instead.  Her and her family are forced to bring in a psychic (the old lady, Elise, from the first 2 movies) to help her out.  I know.  It sounds like the same plot to every horror movie made in the last decade.  But oh man did this movie have potential.

We will start with the positives, which is pretty much the whole first half of the movie.  This thing starts off great and boy is it scary.  It has everything that makes a horror movie actually scary.  It has creepy voices, shadows off in the distance, unexplained noises, and just everything that really gets under your skin.  Heck, even though I see jump scares as a cop out and cheap, the ones in the beginning of this movie add to the intensity and creepiness.  They work.  This movie has me wanting to shut my eyes at some parts.  It’s been a few days since I saw it and some things still come across my mind when I shut off the lights at night.  If the whole movie was as good and scary as the first half, it would have been one of the best horror movies in recent years.

But then the second half of the movie happened… The movie turns into a mess of a clichéd horror movie.  Once it starts showing the things that were so scary in the beginning, they became significantly less scary.  The effects are subpar, the plot becomes convoluted and confusing, and some things that happen are never fully explained.  It’s really a completely different movie in the second half and that is not a good thing.  Also, the movie tries to get you to care about the girl and her father through some decent character development moments.  But as hard as they try, it just doesn’t quite work for me.  One redeeming element from the second half of the movie is this strong and clear “good vs. evil” element that did really work.

But that by itself is not enough of a redeeming factor for the last 45 minutes.  However, the movie is worth watching for the first 45 minutes if nothing else.  It’s a borderline great horror movie to that point and overall is probably the best of the Insidious series.  The final score, despite its flaws, is 3.25/5 for Insidious Chapter 3 (Comparison Scores: Insidious- 3/5, Insidious Chapter 2- 3/5).

UPDATE: After further review, the score of this movie has been re-graded and is now a 2.75/5.  Find out why by clicking here.

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