The Best of Me Netflix Movie Review

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the best of me

Are all chick flicks terrible? Let’s see if we can add this one to that list.

The Best of Me is a love story about a couple who dates in high school and due to unfortunate circumstances go their separate ways.  The movie alternates between flashbacks to high school and the present day, where the two are forced to spend time together due to a death of a friend.  It’s nothing new or creative.  But could it possibly be good?

Good is probably an overstatement but it’s actually not terrible.  I saw the summary and was dreading hitting play but did so to keep the girlfriend happy.  That being said, I was fairly entertained throughout this movie.  The first thing I noticed is that the chemistry between James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan, who play the couple in present day, is really good.  They play off each other well and are believable characters, which is rare for a movie like this.  The story also comes off a bit as a mystery.  I was wondering the whole time what happened to force them apart, and the events that are revealed that led up to that happening made for a pretty great twist.  There are parts of this movie that will keep the guys watching this with their girlfriends entertained.  I was never completely bored out of my mind like I usually am with these movies.

However, despite that, this movie has a lot of problems.  The plot is completely clichéd and predictable. I called the ending with about 15 minutes left and probably could have done so sooner if I had tried.  The whole movie is clearly designed to pull at the heartstrings of the girls watching and make them cry.  It doesn’t even try to hide it.  Also, the acting and the chemistry between the people who play the couple in high school, Luke Bracey and Liana Liberato, was subpar.  It was serviceable for the movie but it wasn’t great.  They also look absolutely nothing like either of the people they are supposed to be 20 years later.  Looks may change after that long, but not that much.  It was pretty unbelievable and took me out of it a bit.

But all in all, if any of you guys out there are looking for a movie to make your girlfriend happy, you could do much much worse than this one.  There are some interesting and entertaining parts despite all of the clichés and predictability.  I can’t call it good, but I can’t call it terrible either.  The Best of Me gets a 2.75/5 (Comparison scores: Most other chick flicks wouldn’t rise above a 1/5).

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