Movie News Reaction: Jurassic World Breaking Box Office Record

$208.8 million dollars?  That’s a lot of money. 208.8 million dollars in a weekend? That’s a box office record.

Apparently people still really, really like dinosaurs.  Just about everyone in America (and the rest of the world) saw Jurassic World this weekend.  And because of that, it broke The Avengers’ record for most money made opening weekend.  That is quite an impressive feat in itself, even more so considering most predicted it to make around $125 million.  No one thought it would be the movie this year to break the record.  Many threw around Age of Ultron and Star Wars, but never Jurassic World.  There are many possibilities why the movie did so well.  One is that there hasn’t been a Jurassic Park sequel in 14 years, and there hasn’t been a good one ever.  So people were eager to return to the franchise they knew and loved when they were younger, and for kids now, start a new generation of fans.  Also, it is hard to make a dinosaur movie that isn’t Jurassic Park.  So there are very few of them out there, making it almost a novelty (even though it is a sequel). This is also a movie that can appeal to both adults and kids, despite it being fairly violent. All of these things could have contributed to it surpassing all expectations.


Due to it making so much money, it is only so long before they announce a sequel.  I am not completely against the idea, but I have my reservations.  There were a couple moments in this movie that sort of set up a sequel that I’m not so sure I liked the direction it was headed.  But I will reserve my thoughts on a sequel for a later time when we know it will exist and know a little about what it could be about.  I will approach it cautiously optimistic.

Jurassic World holds the box office title for now, but I think it will be short lived.  I don’t see any way that Star Wars: The Force Awakens doesn’t take the top spot when it is released in December.  That movie is similar to this one in that it is a franchise that fans desperately want to return to and really want to be good and put Star Wars movies back on the right track after the prequels.  It will also appeal to both kids and adults.  It will be a box office monster and I fully expect it to take the top spot away from Jurassic World.