Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Netflix TV Show Review


Netflix TV reviews are occasional posts that will review shows currently out on Netflix that I watch. Hopefully it can help you save countless hours of scrolling looking for things to watch.

The highly popular television show comes to Netflix.  Does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

Sons of Anarchy follows an outlaw motorcycle club that runs guns in California.  The show details their activities and their interactions with their families, law enforcement, and other gangs.  The main focus of the show is the life of Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam, and his struggle to control his personal life while also controlling his responsibilities as Vice President of the club.

And after 1 full season I have to say that the show seems a little overrated.  It’s entertaining enough to pass the time for an episode or two but it doesn’t draw me in and make me want to binge watch it like some other shows do.  There is very little action and there are about a million subplots, most of which I didn’t care about at all.  I enjoyed most of Jax’s story and, even though he does some pretty bad things, it’s hard to blame him and I could relate to him most of the time.  So that kept me drawn in to an extent.  But I kept getting drawn out by all the subplots.  I could not care less about any of the other characters.  They are all terrible people who do terrible things and, despite the show wanting you too, you don’t root for them.  If 90% of the characters died in a gunfight in the first episode of season 2, I wouldn’t care at all, and probably would be happy because at least there would be some action.

In conclusion, the main plot and character is interesting and fairly entertaining, the acting is good, and the action scenes, when they are there, are well done.  However, due to subplots and characters I don’t care about, it doesn’t draw me in as much as I wanted it to.  It probably was better as a week to week show, one episode of a time, rather than going episode to episode on Netflix.  I’ll give it one more season to entertain me more before moving to something else.  The 1st season gets a 2.75/5.

Do you disagree? Should I keep watching? Let me know in the comments.