Inside Out Movie Review

inside out

Pixar has made some really good movies. Is this another one? Let’s find out.

Inside out is an animated movie that takes place mostly in a little girl’s head.  It follows her 5 emotions-joy, sadness, anger, disgust, fear- as they figure out how to help Riley adjust to her family moving to a new city.  Eventually the Joy and Sadness characters get separated from the others at the “headquarters” and most of the movie is about their adventure to get back before the other emotions mess up Riley’s life.

First, the positives.  The movie has a great message for kids (and some adults) about their emotions and how to deal with them and how they help you get through each day.  That message is by far the best part of the movie.  The voice acting was also great with perfect casting across the board.  The story is good especially the adventure aspects of it.  This is definitely a movie that all kids and a lot of adults would enjoy.

My only real problem with the movie is it just didn’t really entertain me that much.  I get that I’m clearly, as an adult male, not the target audience.  And I usually do not find animated movies that entertaining.  But it is possible (See: The Lego Movie) and this one didn’t quite do it for me.  However, to the movie’s credit I did enjoy certain parts, especially the theme.

Despite me not being totally entertained the whole time, I can see that it’s a good movie, especially for kids.  I have to take a little off the score because I do want to be entertained by movies but I can’t give it but so bad a score because clearly Pixar still has it.  So, I’ll give Inside Out a 3.5/5 (Comparable Score: The Lego Movie- 5/5).

UPDATE: After further review, the score of this movie has been re-graded and is now 4.25/5.  Find out why by clicking here.

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