American Sniper DVD Review

DVD movie reviews are occasional posts that review recent DVD releases that I did not review while they are in theaters.


Yes, like everyone else in America, I saw this while it was in theaters. But I wasn’t reviewing movies then so here we go.

American Sniper tells the story of Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL sniper with the most confirmed kills in American history.  It shows part of his life before joining the military in which he participated in the rodeo, through his life in the military, and after leading up to his tragic death. Intertwined in his military story, the movie shows some of his personal life, including how he meets his wife and their life together after they get married.

That part actually ended up being one of my favorite parts of the movie.  His relationship with his wife and family made it feel more personal and relatable than if they had just focused on his military triumphs.  While that’s definitely a great aspect of the movie, it’s not the only one.  This movie as a whole is great.  The action scenes are fantastic.  They are well shot and very intense and you feel like you are right there.  Clint Eastwood does a good job in the directing chair and Bradley Cooper in amazing as Chris Kyle.  Any time I feel like I’m watching the actual person and not the actor, it is a great peace of acting.  And that’s what I felt like watching Cooper.  I felt like I was watching Chris Kyle on screen.  He also had great chemistry with Sienna Miller (also very good in the movie) who plays Taya Kyle, Chris’s wife.  The movie is very entertaining throughout.

There aren’t too many negatives that I can think of.  Some of the supporting acting, especially by the military commanders, is not great.  Those roles always seem to be a weak point acting wise in movies like this for whatever reason.  It’s noticeable but not distracting in this one.  I also felt the subplot involving his brother was underdeveloped and never totally got wrapped up.

But other than that it is definitely one of the best movies of last year.  I would suggest it to anyone.  American Sniper gets a 4.5/5 from me.