Movie News Reaction: Spiderman Casting

When I first saw that Tom Holland was cast as the new Spiderman, I had the same reaction as I’m sure many of you did: Who? I have no idea who this kid is.  I haven’t seen any of the things he’s been in.  I’m sure he is a fine young actor and will make a fine Spiderman.  I will reserve my judgment of him until I see him in one of these movies (presumably Captain America Civil War).

My problem with the casting is not the actor.  It’s the whole idea of Spiderman being a kid. Why are they doing it this way? I would have much preferred an adult Peter Parker/Spiderman.  It would go with the theme of the other superheroes in this universe being adults.  It seems out of place to have all the superheroes fighting these armies trying to destroy everything and being joined by a kid.  It might be that way in the comics.  I have no idea as I’m not a comic book person and don’t know anything about Spiderman comics.  But as a movie fan, I would have rather them cast an adult as I would think that would fit more in the style of these movies.

That being said, I will give it a chance.  I’m hoping it surprises me and it ends up working.  I am unsure of the chances of that at this point, however. It is an interesting casting to say the least and only time will tell how it ends up working out.

What do you think of the casting? Let me know in the comments.