To My Readers

It’s been nearly a month since I started this blog and began writing about movies, something I am very passionate about and love talking about.  I wanted to post this to take a second and thank everyone who has given me support.  This has gotten more attention than I ever could have thought.  I have gotten views and comments from people I don’t even know, and a bunch of you have gone far enough to follow my blog.  I truly appreciate that and I hope you all are enjoying. I want to thank my girlfriend (my date to all of these movies), my friends, and my family who have all supported this new hobby of mine and given me a lot of feedback on how to improve the site and content.

So now I’m going to ask the rest of you for a little help.  I would appreciate any feedback you guys could give me.  Either comment on this post or shoot me an email (found on the home page) and let me know your favorite posts, your least favorites, and anything else you enjoyed or thought needed work.  Also, let me know if they are any other types of posts you would like to see and I will consider trying them out.  Thanks again for any help you guys could give me.

In addition, the twitter account is lonely! Please follow the blog on twitter (@jordansguide and found on the home page) to get all the latest updates.  Also if you are a blogger on WordPress, hit the follow button on the site.

Lastly, one new set of posts I am going to start doing are movie trailer reviews.  I recently watched the latest Paranormal Activity trailer and have some things I want to say. So keep an eye out for that and more coming soon.

Thanks again guys and keep reading!