Ant-Man Movie Review


We (I) really have to stop doubting Marvel at this point.

Ant-man is about a former thief (Paul Rudd) trying to stay away from his past that gets recruited by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) for a mission that could save millions of lives.  Pym created a suit that would shrink the user down to the size of an ant but increase their strength.  Knowing how dangerous this technology could be, he buries all of the information on it.  However, his former protégé Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) has finally figured out the formula and is trying to sell it.  Rudd’s character becomes the Ant-Man to stop him.

This movie is so much better than I thought it would be.  I was a little worried from the trailer and didn’t think I would like it much.  But it kept me very entertained the whole time.  The action and fight scenes were intense and very well done (there is one fight scene in particular near the middle that I wasn’t expecting at all and is great). And to complement the action, the movie is hilarious.  There are some very well timed jokes and comedic relief moments that really work.  The plot is simple but mostly works for the movie.  Most of the actors do a good job, but especially Michael Douglas (scene stealer for sure) and Paul Rudd, who is great as Ant-Man.

The movie isn’t perfect but there aren’t too many negatives to talk about.  Some of the acting isn’t as good, particularly by two of Ant-Man’s “partners”.  They are funny but their acting isn’t great.  Also, some of the CGI looks a little too fake, even though most of the effects are great. The biggest issue is probably some of the plot doesn’t make sense or at the very least is very weak.  Some things are also never fully explained.

But none of those things stopped me from enjoying the heck out of Ant-Man.  It is entertaining throughout and makes the 2 hour run time go by quick.  I enjoyed this one as much as if not more than I did Age of Ultron.  So because of that, it gets a higher score.  Ant-Man gets a 4.25/5 (Ultron- 3.75/5).

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