Mission Impossible Franchise Classic Movie Review

Classic Movie Reviews are once a week posts in which I review a movie from the past. It might have to do with a movie coming out that week or just a personal favorite of mine. These reviews may contain spoilers.


In honor of Rogue Nation coming out this week, these are reviews for the other 4 movies in the Mission Impossible franchise.  As it was when I did this for the Terminator franchise, these reviews will be a bit shorter than normal reviews due to the fact I am reviewing all 4 movies.

Mission Impossible

The first movie in the franchise, this is where we meet Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise).  While not the best movie in the franchise, it does have it’s moments.  It was a fresh take on the spy genre and has one of the most intense scenes I’ve ever seen (the hanging rope scene obviously) which have become a staple of this franchise.  Tom Cruise is great as well as most of the supporting cast.  The real problem comes from the fact that the movie is a little confusing and at times it can just be flat out boring.  I think it just tries to do so much and have so many elements in the plot that it’s just hard to keep up with and takes you out of the movie a little.  It’s a good movie but one of the weaker installments of the franchise.  I’ll put it right at a 3/5.

Mission Impossible 2

Talk about one of the weaker installments; this one is pretty awful.  It is the complete opposite in style of the first movie.  This is a straight action movie rather than the spy thrillers that the first and next 2 movies are.  It seems so out of place.  A lot of it has to do with the director.  I like John Woo but his style doesn’t fit Mission Impossible and it is very visible here.  It’s cheesy and confusing and parts of it make literally no sense.  I’m all for turning my brain off and enjoying an action movie that might not make sense, but I don’t want it in a Mission Impossible movie.  I would definitely rather watch any of the other films than this one. MI2 gets a very mediocre 2/5.

Mission Impossible 3

The third installment really seemed to reboot and reinvigorate the franchise.  It brought a great plot, a great villain, and great action scenes.  Tom Cruise seems to really find his groove as Ethan Hunt and really brings the character to life.  But he may have even been outdone by Philip Seymour Hoffman who by far portrays the best villain in the series.  Their back and forth is great and the plot uses them well in its story.  The movie is entertaining and never boring.  It’s not without flaws and isn’t quite the best in the series but still gets a solid 3.75/5.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (because Mission Impossible 4 just didn’t have the same ring to it I guess)

If the third one went bigger, this one goes huge.  It raises the stakes big time in everything.  It somehow focuses on a great story while being action packed and very entertaining.  And I might as well mention it now.  That stunt where he climbs the building in Dubai is just spectacular.  The fact that Tom Cruise actually did most of it adds to the realism and intensity.  It makes the rope scene in the first one look like child’s play.  And while that is the best part of the movie, there is much more to enjoy.  Some of the action might be over the top and somewhat unbelievable but the movie makes you believe it and hey, it is called Mission Impossible for a reason.  The movie does suffer from some average CGI (the Kremlin blowing up looks pretty fake) and a poorly developed, fairly unmemorable villain.  But the movie is too entertaining for that to keep it down so much.  Ghost Protocol gets a 4.5/5.

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite.

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