Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Movie Review


Does the Mission Impossible franchise keep getting better with age? Let’s find out.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (I guess numbers for the sequels still aren’t good enough) is the 5th installment of the Mission Impossible franchise.  It is about Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his colleagues trying to track down an organization called the Syndicate, who perpetrate terrorist attacks around the world.  They do this while the IMF (yes it actually stands for Impossible Mission Force) is shut down and the CIA hunts them.

This movie turns out being good, but not great.  First, the positives.  Tom Cruise is great again as the lead spy.  The British girl who is new to the series (whose name I don’t know and don’t feel like looking up) is also great and we should be seeing a lot more of her in future movies in and out of this franchise.  She’s very believable in her fight scenes.  Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames, and Alec Baldwin are all also solid in the movie.  This movie contains more of what these movies are becoming known for: intense action scenes with amazing and believable (even if not remotely actually possible) stunts.  The fact that Cruise actually does most of his stunts makes them even better.  The movie is well shot and directed as well.  There is also some very well timed and very funny comic relief throughout. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously while also making you believe everything that’s happening (it’s weird but just go with it).

My biggest problem with the movie is that, for about the first 2/3, Mission Impossible 5 feels like Mission Impossible 6.  By that I mean that it feels like I’m watching a sequel in which I had not seen the previous installment.  Things were happening that weren’t really being explained as to why and we just kind of get thrown into the plot.  I just felt out of the loop and like I had missed something.  Movies do this sometimes and it works if it has a big enough payoff in the third act.  And Rogue Nation does have a reveal in which things get explained, but it isn’t quite big enough in my opinion.  It also feels a little choppy at times and the villain, again, is pretty weak.  This is an area that this franchise is really lacking in.  The third movie by far had the best villain and the rest have been underdeveloped and/or just plain boring.  This villain is probably the second best one in the series, though that’s not saying much, so it is a fault for the movie.

All in all, the movie is still good.  It’s not quite as good as Ghost Protocol but is probably a better overall movie than the third installment (although that one might be a touch more entertaining).  I enjoyed Rogue Nation and give it a 4/5 (Comparison scores: Ghost Protocol- 4.5/5, MI3- 3.75/5).

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