Ratings Explained

I’ve had a few people ask me recently what exactly my ratings mean and what numbers equate to a good movie, etc. So I thought I would put this post on here to sort of explain my thought process when rating a movie.

5/5- A nearly flawless movie that is evident in it’s greatness both in it’s entertainment and as an overall movie.

4.5-4.9/5- Great with just a few minor flaws that keep it from being a 5.

4-4.4/5- Really good. Just a few issues with it.

3-3.9/5- A 3 is the cutoff for a good movie.  If I find a movie good, or at least very entertaining, it will usually get at least a 3.  It’s total rating in the 3s will vary based on flaws, entertainment value, etc.

2.75-2.9/5- Movies that just miss the “good” cut off.  They just don’t quite work or just have a little more bad than good.

2-2.5/5- Not good. Tons of flaws and not entertaining.

1-1.9/5- Terrible, borderline unwatchable movies.

Below 1/5- The worst of the worst.  I don’t think I’ve reviewed one yet that would get this low, even upon further review.  50 Shades of Grey might be the closest to this low I can think of off the top of my head but even that might get to at least 1.