Spy Movie Review


It’s official.  Every Melissa McCarthy movie is exactly the same and it’s getting very old.

I know this is another late review but better late than never.  Spy is about a CIA analyst (McCarthy) who is forced to go undercover as a spy because the terrorist organization they are trying to stop already knows the identities of all the spies.  Plenty of not-so-hilarious hijinks follow.  It’s basically Identity Thief (brutally awful) meets The Heat (her only decent movie).

The only saving graces in this movie are Jude Law and Jason Statham.  They play 2 of the spies whose identities are compromised.  They both have pretty funny scenes (particularly Statham who plays a different role than he usually does and does so quite well) and some solid action sequences.  But other than those two, the movie is just not good at all.

First of all, McCarthy plays the same annoying, over the top character she always plays.  It’s not entertaining to watch and I caught myself anxiously waiting for either Statham or Law to be in the scene instead of her so it could be somewhat enjoyable.  Most of the jokes completely missed for me and it just wasn’t funny.  The movie’s plot is also very predictable and I saw the two “twists” coming from the start.  There was no surprise or tension in this movie.  Which I could accept given the movie is more of a comedy if it was actually funny.  But it’s not and that makes all of the movie’s parts very weak.

Spy got good reviews from others and I have no idea how.  I guess if you like Melissa McCarthy movies and that type of humor you will like this. But I don’t so the movie gets a 2/5 from me and the only reasons it is that high are Statham and Law (Comparison Scores: Identity Thief- 1.25/5, The Heat- 3/5).