Expendables 3 Netflix Movie Review

Netflix movie reviews are occasional posts that will review movies currently out on Netflix that I watch. Hopefully it can help you save countless hours of scrolling looking for things to watch.

expendables 3

I originally saw this movie when it came out in theaters and didn’t like it all that much, especially being a fan of the other 2 movies.  So when I saw it was on Netflix, I decided to give it another chance.

The Expendables 3 continues the story of Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his team of mercenaries, the Expendables.  This time their mission is to take out a co-founder of the group, Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson).  To do this, Barney inexplicably gets rid of all the old members of the team and hires a bunch of younger recruits to go after him.

After a second viewing, I found myself liking this movie a little more than I thought, but still not very much.  It does have some good parts about it.  Seeing all the old action stars back again is fun to watch as always and their fights scenes are decent in parts.  Mel Gibson is actually really good playing himself the villain.  The back and forth between him and Stallone is entertaining to watch and they have some good fight scenes together.  The story isn’t overly complicated but it works for this movie for sure.

I have 2 huge complaints about this movie that ruin it for me.  The first is that it is PG-13.  Now, I’m not somebody who will get up in arms about an action movie not being rated R.  There have been some really good action films rated PG-13 (Taken comes to mind).  However, this movie seems like it was filmed to have a higher rating, but then edited down later.  This makes the action super hard to watch because it keeps cutting away from it to avoid showing any more violence than is necessary.  So the action scenes (which is why anyone watches these movies) have tons of cuts and don’t make sense and are just generally hard to follow.  My second complaint is that all the classic action heroes that we all came to see are replaced almost immediately by these young, annoying characters (played by some truly terrible actors).  They come back at the end but most of the movie focuses on the younger group who I didn’t care about at all.  The reason these movies exist is the fun concept of having all those stars together.  So why they would go away from that is beyond me and really brings this movie down.

All in all, this movie is a letdown but could be fun for some if they know what they are getting into.  I am a big fan of this franchise.  I thought the first one was decent, loved the second, but just didn’t enjoy this one as much and can’t say it’s anything more than just ok.  The Expendables 3 gets a 2.5/5 (Comparison Scores: Expendables- 3/5, Expendables 2- 4/5).