Top 10 Football Movies

Top 10 lists will be a list of 10 movies that will be published once a week and will either have to do with a movie coming out that week or just what I want to do at the time.

To celebrate the long awaited return of the NFL, this week’s top 10 will focus on the best football movies ever made.

10. Invincible

– It’s a great story and Mark Wahlberg is great, as always.  I just find it a little boring which is why it doesn’t make it higher on the list.

9. Jerry Maguire

– I enjoy this movie more than some of the ones ahead of it.  However, I don’t see it as totally a football movie.  But it is based on the relationship between a player and his agent, and has some good football scenes in it.  So it belongs on the list; I just can’t put it any higher.

8. When the Game Stands Stall

– This remarkable story of a high school football team losing after a 10 year winning streak, and it’s subsequent response, is a highly underrated and underseen movie from last year.  It’s a solid movie that any football fan should add to their list.

7. The Blind Side

– It’s a fun and inspirational story and an enjoyable movie.  It is clear, however, that many artistic changes were made.  This is even more evident in the fact that the player it is based on doesn’t even like it, saying it misrepresents his life in some ways.  It is still very deserving of this spot though.

6. Any Given Sunday

– It is a great look at all the connections of an NFL team from the owner down to player.  It would be much higher on the list if it wasn’t so long and wasn’t so weirdly edited.  Some of the football scenes are hard to watch because of it.

5. We are Marshall

– Matthew McConaughey is great as a coach trying to rebuild a team that lost most of it’s players in a plane crash.  It’s a fascinating story and a really good movie.

4. Draft Day

– It starts off a bit slow but man, the last third of this movie is really intense and interesting.  It has some twists I never saw coming.

3. Rudy

– It’s a little cheesy at times, but is an inspirational story and a really good movie.

2. Friday Night Lights

– This one is a very interesting look at the world of high school football in small town Texas.  One of my favorite parts is it doesn’t end like most sports movies.  It has some valuable lessons and some great football.

  1. Remember the Titans
     – This one might hold a bit more of a personal value to me as I watched it many times as a kid.  It was shown several times by coaches of mine.  It, like Friday Night Lights, has a bunch of great lessons and also has some of the best football in any movie.  For those reasons, it is my favorite football movie of all time.
I noticed when doing research for this list that there’s a bunch of football movies I’ve never seen.  Which ones do you recommend? Let me know in the comments.