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Hey everyone!  I hope you are enjoying the site as much as I enjoy posting on it and entertaining each and every one of you.  I recently received an offer to actually write reviews for the newspaper at my college before they promptly decided to “go a different direction”. They were going to pay me to see movies which would have made it so much easier to continue this hobby of mine.  After that didn’t work out I’ve been searching for other ways to generate a little income from this.  My roommate suggested a website called Patreon.  I’m still trying to learn exactly how it works but if you enjoy reading the blog feel free to go on there and donate.  There is no pressure at all to do so.  The blog will run the same no matter what.  However, a little additional income would help me be able to see and review more new movies coming out.  This is just a little experiment to see if it works and I can get anything out of it.  If you are interested please go donate.  If not that’s perfectly ok as well.  As I am still learning how this works, if you run into any problems please contact me. The link to the page to donate is

Thanks guys!