Top 10 Mob Movies

Top 10 lists will be a list of 10 movies that will be published once a week and will either have to do with a movie coming out that week or just what I want to do at the time.

In honor of the excellent looking (and excellently reviewed so far) Black Mass coming out this weekend, I’m doing my favorite mob movies as my top 10 list this week.  This was a hard list to compile as the definition of what constitutes a mob movie is very subjective. But I am happy with the list I came up with.

10. The Boondock Saints

– This movie isn’t for everyone but it does have fun moments in it.  There are some great action scenes involving the two brothers trying to take down the Irish Mob.

9. The Town

– If I were basing this off how much I enjoy these movies, this one would be much higher.  I love this movie.  It is Batman Ben Affleck at the top of his game.  However, it is more of a heist/bank robbery movie with a small mob element.  That element is enough to get it on the list, but keeps it low.

8. American Gangster

– I find it a touch boring but I’ll watch and enjoy pretty much anything Denzel does.

7. Copland

– This is a very underrated movie that I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it.  Don’t count it out just because it stars Stallone.  It’s not one of his pure action movies (even though I admittedly love those) and the guy really can act. He proves it here with what is probably his best non-Rocky performance.

6. Road to Perdition

– Another underrated film that features Tom Hanks as a mob hitman and he kills it (pun intended).

5. The Godfather Part 1

– I know I’m gonna get nailed for having this and Part 2 as low as they are.  I recognize their cinematic greatness which is why they are as high as they are.  But to me they are overly long and boring at times and I enjoy watching most movies on this list more than I do watching these. That being said, they are incredible movies that everyone needs to see at some point in their lives.

4. Goodfellas

– I don’t love this one as much as an overall movie as most people do but the performances (De Niro, Liotta, and Pesci in particular) and the directing (Scorsese) make it worth watching and earn it a spot this high on the list.

3. The Godfather Part 2

– See Part 1

2. The Untouchables

– A lot of people have problems with this one but I love it.  It’s entertaining and shows Costner (among others) at the top of his game.  De Niro is perfect as Al Capone as well.  A lot of the dialogue and lines are memorable and endlessly quotable.

1. The Departed

– This isn’t really that close.  When I decided this was the list I was doing this week I knew The Departed was number one and I just had to put the others in order.  It is one of my favorite movies ever.  It’s got an all star cast (who all just crush it), a great story revolving around the Irish mob, really good dark humor, and some good (and extremely violent) shootouts.  It’s incredible to watch and anyone who hasn’t seen it needs to ASAP.

Bonus movie that I briefly considered: The Dark Knight- It has a strong mob element (Joker and Batman both trying to destroy it) but that is by no way the main idea of the movie so I couldn’t put it on here despite it being my third favorite movie of all time.

Let me know your favorite mob movies in the comments and feel free to give me all kind of crap for not having the Godfather movies higher.

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