Movie News Reaction: Die Hard Prequel

I haven’t done one of these news reactions in a while but I saw something today that I couldn’t let go and had to rant about- a Die Hard prequel.

My exact reaction when I heard this:

I can’t believe this is even a thought.  For those that don’t want to read the story, the gist is that there are early talks happening to produce a Die Hard prequel- a John McClane origin story of sorts.  It would go back in time before the first movie and follow a young McClane as a cop in New York.  As director, they are bringing back Len Wiseman- the guy who gave us the very average Live Free or Die Hard.  I don’t even know where to begin with this.  Anyone who knows me or has read my top 10 favorite movies knows Die Hard is my favorite movie.  But this franchise has to die… hard (pun obviously intended).  There hasn’t been a good one since the third and the most recent one was complete garbage that was almost universally hated.  Going back in time isn’t going to make it better. In fact, it might even make it worse.  Bruce Willis is John McClane.  He embodied the character in the original and made it great (before subsequently nearly destroying the character in the last 2 movies).  But no one else should play a younger version of the character.

Is this really what Hollywood has come to? I mean I knew creativity has been lacking a bit but we are seriously going with a Die Hard prequel? That’s the best pitch they have? Come on.  There have got to be more original ideas out there that need to be made.  But for some reason those in charge think Die Hard prequels and Point Break remakes are the best option.  I’ll never understand it.

I don’t like judging a movie before it comes out, and I like doing it even less for a movie that hasn’t even started production.  But I can’t see this movie being remotely good and it’s time to put one of my favorite franchises, and characters, to rest before it gets worse than it already is.

Let me know what you think of a potential Die Hard prequel in the comments.