Top 10 Bond Movies

Top 10 lists will be a list of 10 movies that will be published once a week and will either have to do with a movie coming out that week or just what I want to do at the time. 

In honor of Spectre coming out, my top 10 target this week is (obviously) Bond… James Bond.  No, you won’t find Moonraker on this list (also should be obvious).

10. For Your Eyes Only

– I know some people like Roger Moore.  But I can’t stand his Bond movies.  His take on the character is just not enjoyable to me.  That said, this one is actually pretty interesting and fun to watch.

9. Dr. No

– This makes the list for being the first time we meet the character.  It’s a good movie but unfortunately feels a little dull and dated in this modern era of movies.

8. Licence to Kill

– I actually like Timothy Dalton in the role.  He brings a darker side to it that I enjoy.  I like this one because it’s a bit of a different Bond movie playing more like a revenge thriller.  Plus Special Agent Johnson (no the other one) from Die Hard plays a pretty good villain and a very young Benicio Del Toro shows up a henchman.

7. Tomorrow Never Dies

– I grew up with the Pierce Brosnan movies so they hold a special place in my heart.  I think he was a very good Bond in some pretty crappy movies.  This is the second best one of his.  It’s a fun movie with an interesting story.

6. Thunderball

– The underwater fight scene alone should be enough to put this one anyone’s list.

5. From Russia With Love

– Before hunting sharks and giving fantastic monologues about the USS Indianapolis, Robert Shaw was a bond villain.  With some awesome action scenes and a great story, the second bond film is one of the best.

4. Goldeneye

– The “what could have been” of the Brosnan movies.  If they all turned out like this one he would probably be considered the best Bond.  Sean Bean as 006-turned-bad-guy is great and there are some great action sequences.

3. Goldfinger

– The best of the Connery movies and widely considered the best Bond movie (I obviously disagree).  It has one of the best stories and Oddjob is the best henchman in the series, hands down.

2. Skyfall

– These next two are so close.  They could honestly tie for number one, but I don’t do ties.  I definitely enjoy this one though and it leaves me excited for Spectre.

1. Casino Royale

-Daniel Craig’s Bond frightens me so I decided to give him the top 2 spots.  But I actually love this movie and it’s the most rewatchable of the bunch.  I just reviewed both this and Skyfall and you can check that out here.

Honorable mentions: most of the other Connery movies, The Living Daylights