Rocky Classic Movie Review

Classic Movie Reviews are occasional posts in which I review a movie from the past. It might have to do with a movie coming out that week or just a personal favorite of mine. These reviews may contain spoilers.


With Creed coming out this week, I’m looking at the film that started the series.  Normally, when a film that is part of a franchise comes out, I review all of the films from that franchise.  However, giving worthwhile reviews would entail watching Rocky V again, and, well no one wants to watch Rocky V again.  I mean, come on, I reviewed all of the Hunger Games movies last week and there are only but so many bad movies I can stand.  But we aren’t talking about the Hunger Games here. Or Rocky V. Or bad movies for that matter.  So let’s get to the review of arguably the best boxing movie ever. For those who don’t know, Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) is about a down-on-his-luck semi-pro boxer who gets recruited to fight for the heavyweight title against Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers).  Along the way he meets and begins a relationship with the ultra shy Adrian (Talia Shire).

As I said, this is arguably the best boxing movie, or sports movie in general, ever made.  It’s a somewhat slow moving drama for the most part, but somehow is never boring which is always impressive in a movie.  It’s a sports movie that keeps you interested during all the other parts. From Rocky’s friendships, to his side work, and even the relationship, you are entertained.  Speaking of Rocky, this is Sylvester Stallone’s best role.  He is a better actor than most people give him credit for when he is in roles like this.  He was nominated for an Oscar for this movie and he deserved it.  He’s great and melts into the character of Rocky Balboa.  The other performances are solid too, especially Burgess Meredith as the trainer, Mickey.  There are some great training montages with him that are a lot of fun.  The music is good, as well, with the Rocky theme being one of the best ever. As for the boxing, it’s really good in this movie and seems really realistic.  My only complaint, however, is that the movie doesn’t show enough of the final fight.  It only shows the first couple rounds before skipping to the last one.  The whole thing takes up about 10 minutes.  I wish they would have shown more.

But that’s a small complaint in an otherwise great movie with a perfect ending.  It’s slower moving and more of a drama than many sports movies, particularly those today.  But it’s a great underdog story that transcends the sports genre and is entertaining as a drama and character story.  If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely movie it towards the top of your list.  Rocky gets a 4.75/5.

How do you like Rocky? What are your favorite sports movies? Are you excited for Creed. Let me know in the comments.

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