Batman v. Superman Trailer Review

Alright, so this is my first ever review for a trailer.  Will I start doing this more often or is it a one time thing? I have no idea.  What I do know is I had to talk about this trailer because… oh boy. If you haven’t seen the trailer because you desire to see the movie fresh definitely stop reading here because there may be potential spoilers.  You have been warned.  I’ll also include a link to the new trailer below in case you haven’t seen it or want to watch it again.

Batman v. Superman is one of my most anticipated movies of next year.  But boy did this trailer underwhelm me.  First off, I’ll say some things that I like.  One of those is Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne.  I am officially jumping on the bandwagon.  He looks great as the Dark Knight and I can’t want to watch him in the movie.  Henry Cavill is the same as he was in Man of Steel so that could be good or bad based on what you thought of it.  They had some great back and forth in this trailer that I really enjoyed.  And then they started fighting and that was awesome.  There were a couple jokes in here that I thought worked (“Is she with you?” “I thought she was with you” was great).  The tone seemed to be pretty good and is what I wanted from this movie.

But there are a ton of things I didn’t like about this trailer.  The main one is that, per usual with trailers these days, it gives away. Way. Too. Much.  The whole movie seems like it is practically summarized here.  Speaking of the movie, is it going to be like 3 hours long? Because there seems to be a lot that has to happen in this movie and I can’t imagine it being any shorter than that.  It feels like the movie is going to be really crammed but I’ll wait and see on that.  Second, so far I’m not digging Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.  It seemed like his performance was way over the top and distracting.  That might be what they are going for and I’m also only basing that off a few lines he has in the trailer.  Lastly, there’s the Doomsday reveal.  I’ll be honest, I have never even touched a comic book in my life.  So, I only know what I’ve heard others say about Doomsday.  And if it is as big a deal as they make it sound, they should have never given him away in the trailer.  It would have made for a great reveal watching the actual movie.  I don’t understand why the trailer felt the need to throw him in there.

So, there were some things I liked and some things I didn’t in the Batman v. Superman.  So in the end I just see it as a little underwhelming.  Between this and the Civil War trailer that dropped last week (which I also felt was underwhelming) I’m a little disappointed.  Those are two of my most anticipated upcoming movies and I’m a bit cautiously optimistic about both.  Still plenty of time before release dates, but those are just my thoughts.

What did you guys think of the Batman v. Superman trailer? Also, would you like to see more trailer reviews? Let me know in the comments.

As promised, here is the trailer: