Slow West DVD Review

DVD movie reviews are occasional posts that review recent DVD releases that I did not review while they were in theaters.

slow west

After having it recommended to me on several occasions, I figured a slow Sunday was a good time to check out Slow West.

Slow West is about a teenage boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who is traveling through the American old west looking for his lost love.  Along the way he meets an outlaw (Michael Fassbender) who serves as a protector for the boy.  They have to fend off all sorts of dangers of the old west, including everything from nature to Native Americans to bounty hunters.

I went in completely blind on this movie.  It had been recommended to me, as I stated a moment ago, but other than that, I had never seen a trailer or read anything about it.  And I ended up enjoying it, but not loving it.  It’s aptly titled, because it is a very slow movie.  But that isn’t always a bad thing.  Watching the relationship between the boy and Fassbender was very interesting.  Fassbender’s character has some ulterior motives that the movie explores and keeps you intrigued the whole time.  That is mostly a credit to the acting by both main actors.  They both do a great job.  The story is good and I particularly liked how they mix in flashback scenes with what is currently happening.  They are interwoven well.  The movie shows how far some men are willing to go for love, which is always an interesting theme to explore.  It’s a very well shot movie, with some beautiful background scenery.  You really feel like you are out there in the middle of nowhere with these characters.  It also has a really good (and surprising) ending.

There are some things I didn’t like, however.  Some of the other characters, and elements of the story, aren’t developed quite enough.  I didn’t understand why certain things were happening as they were.  Being an indie movie, it has a particular style that mostly worked for me, but may not appeal to everyone.  As I talked about earlier, it is a very slow movie, and while that isn’t completely a bad thing, that doesn’t mean there aren’t parts that get a little boring.  It’s also not something I think I’ll rewatch a bunch of times.

Good but not great is a perfect way to describe this movie.  There is a lot to like and there are a lot of good things.  But the pace and the lack of development around certain things are definitely a downside. That said, if you are looking for a good western, it’s definitely worth checking out.  It’s a short movie (under an hour and a half) and you can watch it on Amazon Prime right now.  Slow West gets a 3.25/5 from me.

Have you seen Slow West yet? If not check it out, then come back and let me know what you thought in the comments.

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  1. Nice review. While I agree this movie isnt perfect I think the slow pacing was a clever deliberate choice (especially given the slow run time) to really develop the relationships between the two leads, and get the most from each scene. Either way Im glad it is getting scene by more people as it didnt have the biggest marketing release.

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    1. Jordan says:

      I agree with you on the pace. The slow pace works for the movie, albeit leading to it being a bit boring at times. But still a very good one that more people need to see.

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