Trailer Reviews: X-Men Apocalypse, Independence Day 2, and Star Trek 3

I said a couple weeks ago when I talked about the Batman v. Superman trailer that I may or may not do more trailer reviews.  Well, I’ve decided to do so.  I decided that last week when the X-Men Apocalypse trailer came out that I wanted to talk about it a bit.  But I couldn’t find the time and now we have a bunch more to talk about.  So, here are a few from the last week or so.  A bunch more have come out but these are really the only ones I cared to talk about.  I’ll include the trailers below as well.

X-Men: Apocalypse:

I know I’m one of the few, but I’m not a huge X-Men guy.  The movies are alright for what they are, but I’ve never overly enjoyed any of them.  With each installment, I get excited from a trailer and ultimately disappointed by the movie.  This one is starting out the same way because this trailer looks awesome.  I love the apocalyptic tone and feel of the movie.  The villain looks and sounds interesting.  There is this cool Biblical kind of take on the character it seems like (I don’t read comics so I don’t know the actual backstory).  All of the X-Men from the last few movies are back, plus some.  Except Wolverine, that is.  He is by far my favorite and the most interesting of the X-men, but he is noticeably absent from the trailer.  He may not even be in the movie; I’ll have to look into that some more.  All in all, the movie looks pretty cool from the trailer.  I’m cautiously optimistic because I always feel this way and then never really like the movies.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Ah, one of my favorite ’90s popcorn flicks is getting a sequel.  And the trailer is well… a little underwhelming (seems like a theme recently).  I think the lack of Will Smith really hurts this movie.  He and Goldblum were the best parts of the first movie.  It looks like they are replacing him with Thor’s little brother (I refuse to learn his actual name until he makes a good movie), which, based on The Hunger Games, is not a good thing.  I like the use of the greatest movie speech of all time from this first movie in here.  I mean the trailer is fine overall.  I like the story of the aliens coming back and us integrating their technology into ours.  But the trailer didn’t do a whole lot to get me excited for the movie.  I’m hesitant because this movie is either going to be good fun like the first one, or it’s going to completely suck.  There is no middle ground for this one I don’t think and based on the trailer, I can’t figure out which way it’s leaning.

Star Trek Beyond

Look, I’ve always been more a Star Wars over Star Trek person.  I don’t like the original Star Trek movies very much but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the most recent 2 movies.  But what in the name of God is going on in this trailer? It’s just action thrown into your face with no sort of substance or plot in here at all.  I love a good action movie, but that’s not really what Star Trek is.  The last two in particular had really good stories to them.  Clearly this movie is going to miss JJ Abrams.  Justin Lin (The Fast and Furious movies) takes the directing chair and I definitely feel that from this trailer.  I really enjoy the Fast and Furious movies as action movies, but that tone doesn’t work here.  Overall, this trailer doesn’t get me excited for the movie, because I have no idea what happened in it.  Maybe future trailer will shed a little more light on the plot but until then, consider me very cautious about this movie.

Out of these three, X-Men had the best trailer, but I’m probably most excited for Independence Day.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this set of trailers and any others that have come out recently.