Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies

Top 10 lists will be a list of 10 movies that will be published once a week and will either have to do with a movie coming out that week or just what I want to do at the time. 

Well it’s finally Star Wars week guys, so expect a bunch of Star Wars related content over the next few days.  I’m kicking it off with my Top 10 Sci-fi movies.  I’ve never really considered myself a big science fiction fan, but after making this list I’m reconsidering that self-evaluation.  This is one of the hardest lists I’ve put together so far.  That’s why there are so many honorable mentions.  That list is long but distinguished (high five to anyone who can complete the Top Gun quote in the comments).  Qualifiers for this week: Because I didn’t want to take up 7 of my spots with 3 Star Wars movies, 2 Alien movies, and 2 Terminator movies, I am including whole series in one spot.  It’s kind of cheating I know, but it’s my list.  Also, I’m leaving out superhero movies and more fantasy-related movies.  Those are lists for another time.  Let’s get to this one. 10. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

– This one just beats out 2001: A Space Odyssey  and The Abyss for the 10 spot.  Those are obviously great movies, but I just enjoy watching this one a little more.  It’s one of Spielberg’s best and it has one of the most intense endings ever.

9. Star Trek (Reboot)

– No one has ever accused me of being a Trekkie.  I’m much more of a Star Wars guy, and never really cared for the older Star Trek movies.  But I actually really enjoy the most recent two, so those are what take this spot.

8. Planet of the Apes (Reboot)

– No, not the terrible Mark Wahlberg one.  I’m talking about this new franchise they’ve started beginning with Rise of the Planet of the Apes, then Dawn, with a third one on the way.  I haven’t seen enough of the older ones to justify including them here.

7. Ex Machina

– 2015 has been a good year for Sci-fi as evidenced by my next 2 picks.  I absolutely loved this movie (a rare 5/5 from me).  The only reason it doesn’t make it above the next one or any higher than that is the rewatchability factor.  This has some great twists and turns that don’t have quite the same impact upon further viewings.

6. The Martian

– While the ending lost me a little bit, this is a lot of fun to watch.  The mixture of comedy, survival and drama is perfect.  I can’t wait to watch it again once it comes out on DVD.

5. Inception

– It’s the best Christopher Nolan movie that doesn’t have Batman in it.  And it may have the coolest premise of any movie on this list.

4. Alien

– This includes the first 2 movies.  While I prefer the more action oriented Aliens, Alien is a great sci-fi horror movie itself.

3. The Terminator

– Again, I’m going with the first 2 movies of this franchise.  Terminator is a great 80s action movie, and Terminator 2 switches things up a bit and is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) sci-fi action movie ever made.

2. Jurassic Park

– I know. Any of you who know me or have followed this site for any extended period of time is probably shocked this isn’t number one (for about the 14th time on one of these lists).  But I have to give number one its spot based on quality of the franchise.  While I love this one and really enjoy Jurassic World, let’s face it- The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 suck.

1. Star Wars (Original Trilogy)

–  If we pretend the prequels never happened, then they don’t exist right? The original movies are the greatest trilogy ever created and are the reason I love Star Wars.  I’m really hoping The Force Awakens gets it back on the right track.

Ready for all these honorable mentions? Here we go in no particular order: The Abyss, 2001, The Thing, ET, Robocop, Total Recall, Looper, Edge of Tomorrow (or I guess Live. Die. Repeat. now?), Men in Black, Back to the Future, Independence Day, The Matrix, Predator, Blade Runner

What are you guys’ favorite sci-fi movies? What did I leave out? Let me know down in the comments.  Stay tuned this week for more Star Wars content.

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