Top Movies of 2015 Honorable Mentions

As I said at the end of my Top 10 list, this is a separate post detailing honorable mentions.  When making the list I cut all the movies I had seen that were good down to about 21.  Then, I was able to make my top 8 or 9 fairly easily.  After that. I made another cut from the bottom to get down to a last 7 films.  From there, around 4 movies seriously competed for the 10th spot.  Those of you who have seen the Top 10 list know that It Follows took that spot.

The “Competed for 10th” Movies

American Sniper- I kept this off the list mainly because I’m not 100% sure when I saw it.  I know it was released last year but went to a wider release this year.  I’m just not sure which year I saw it in, so I kept it off.

Spotlight- A really good movie with great performances that was the last movie from this year that I watched.

Spectre- A lot of people didn’t like this movie.  I thought it was a worthy entry into the Bond franchise, though it’s not quite as good as Casino Royale or Skyfall.

The Movies that Made it Past the Second Cut

Bridge of Spies- I always enjoy me some Spielberg.

The Gift- An underrated movie that has some great twists and one of Jason Bateman’s best performances.

Ant-man- A movie that was surprisingly very enjoyable.  Marvel’s best movie this year.  See below for another one.

Furious 7- A turn your brain off and enjoy action film that featured a great bad guy in Jason Statham and was a great tribute to the late Paul Walker

The Movies that Made the Original Cut But Never Really had a Chance

Avengers: Age of Ultron- Not necessarily a bad movie at all, just a disappointing one.



Beasts of No Nation

The Walk

Well, there are the rest of the films in 2015 that deserved mentioning.  I hope you enjoyed movies in 2015 as much as I did.  Here’s to 2016.

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