Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

Now that we have finished looking back at 2015, it’s time to look ahead to 2016.  Looking at the big name titles coming out next year, I see a lot of sequels.  For better or worse, this list reflects that.  Don’t hate the player, hate the game.  I can’t help that they are making sequels that excite me.  Obviously, we don’t know about all the movies coming out next year yet.  For example, we usually don’t learn about movies that are awards contenders until shortly before their releases next fall/winter.  Though they were in limited release in 2015, The Revenant and The Hateful 8 have yet to be released where I live, so they qualify for this list.  Do they make the list? Keep reading to find out.

10. Suicide Squad

– This one just beat out Deadpool for the 10 spot.  Neither of them are necessarily my type of movie on the surface, but the trailers for both have intrigued me and I’m interested in seeing both.  I’m just a little more interested in the villain team up aspect here that I’ve rarely seen before.

9. London Has Fallen

– I think Olympus Has Fallen is a very underrated movie and is one of the better action movies in recent years.  It’s a better Die Hard movie than some of the Die Hard sequels.  I’m excited to see another one.  How often are action sequels good? Hardly ever.  Hopefully this changes that.

8. Finding Dory

– Surprised to see an animated movie on my list? You shouldn’t be.  Finding Nemo is one of my favorite animated movies ever.  Does it need a sequel? Probably not.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not excited to see it.

7. The Hateful 8

– I really want this movie to be higher.  But really the only reason I’m excited to see it is that it’s Tarantino.  The trailers haven’t gotten me that excited for it to be honest.  So that’s why it’s only number 7.

6. The Conjuring 2

– The Conjuring is one of the best, most well made horror movies in the last decade.  There are plenty of avenues open to explore in a sequel.  Let’s just hope it’s not as bad as Annabelle.

5. The Magnificent Seven

– Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of remakes.  And the original Magnificent Seven (a remake of sorts itself) is one of my favorite westerns.  So I should hate the idea of this movie.  But I take one look at that cast and I’m on board. Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt alone is enough for me.

4. Captain America Civil War

– The main reason this doesn’t make it above the next movie is that in that one, there seems to be a clear reason based on the trailer the two sides are fighting.  I don’t have the slightest idea why they are in this one.  Captain America is trying to help Bucky and Ironman is what? Jealous? I have no idea. Still excited for it though.

3. Batman v. Superman

– I love the character of Batman and Ben Affleck looks like he is going to be great.  I’m looking forward to watching him fight Superman. Plus, I’m pretty much the only one on the planet who liked Man of Steel.  The trailer gave away too much, but it still is very highly anticipated.

2. The Revenant

– That trailer is the only reason I need for putting it this high.  It comes out January 8th where I live and I can’t wait.

1. Star Wars: Rogue 1

– After The Force Awakens knocked it out of the park in rejuvenating the Star Wars franchise, which makes me even more excited for this one.  The facts that it is supposed to be more of a war movie, and that they have brought in people that have worked on movies like Black Hawk Down and Zero Dark Thirty, don’t hurt either.

Honorable Mentions: Deadpool, Independence Day 2, 13 Hours, Bourne 5, The Nice Guys, Assassins Creed, Jack Reacher 2, Dr. Strange

It was tough to leave some of those off this list. What movies are you guys looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

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