Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Because The Revenant finally comes out where I live this weekend, this week’s top 10 will focus on the film’s star and one of the best actors working today, Leonardo DiCaprio.  In my opinion, this guy has come into his own much more during the 21st century.  A lot of his earlier movies are either terrible (looking at you, The Beach), or are supposedly good but I have never really had an interest in seeing (that would be you, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape).  That being said, here are my Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies:

10. Wolf of Wall Street

– The battle for the 10 spot came down to two movies that are widely loved, but that I actually hate- Wolf of Wall Street and Titanic.  Honestly if you held a gun to my head and made me choose one to watch I would probably take the bullet.  Just kidding (maybe), I have to keep entertaining you guys.  But I’d probably pick Titanic, surprisingly.  However, Leo’s performance in Wall Street is much better and is really the only good part of the movie, in my opinion, so it gets this spot.  Feel free to tear apart that opinion in the comments.

9. The Aviator

– He has a great performance and it’s a fairly interesting story.  But it’s long and a bit boring, so it falls to this spot on the list.

8. Body of Lies

– It’s a decent CIA thriller, even if it is a bit forgettable.

7. Shutter Island

– We are getting into some really good movies here.  This part of the list got really tough.  Heck of a twist at the end of this one.

6. Blood Diamond

– The most interesting part of this movie is that it takes subject matter that most of us have heard of but don’t know much about and entertains us while showing us how terrible it is.

5. Gangs of New York

– I should probably need to rewatch this before making this pick, but I don’t have time.  It’s a great movie and might deserve to be higher, but Daniel Day-Lewis is more memorable than Leo in this one.  Maybe I’ll revisit it soon and revise the list if necessary.

4. Django Unchained

– This movie would be higher (possibly even #1) but it isn’t really his movie.  He steals every scene he is in, but the focus is obviously on Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz.

3. Catch Me if You Can

– His back and forth with Tom Hanks shines in a movie that is great anyway.

2. Inception

– Once I watched it about 5 times in order to fully understand it, I loved this movie.  It’s inventive and fresh while also being very entertaining.

1. The Departed

– Someone should go back and see which movie makes the #1 on these lists most often.  I mean not me because I’m lazy, but someone should.  Because it has to be a close race between this, Jurassic Park, and Die Hard.  One of my favorite movies ever, and my favorite one of DiCaprio’s.

If you want to rip apart my hatred of Wolf of Wall Street, the comments are open below.  If you actually went back and found out which movie I put #1 most often, you get a cookie.  Not a real one, but a hypothetical one.  Either way, let me know what it is in the comments.  Feel free to comment other things, like your favorite DiCaprio movies, as well.

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