Re-grading a Few 2015 Movies

This is the last “2015 in review” post I’ll do.  When creating my end of year lists, I realized that several grades I gave initially do not currently reflect my current opinion.  So, I have re-graded the following 4 movies based on how my thoughts have changed over time and further viewings.  I still stand by the original scores- nothing changes what I thought of a movie soon after seeing it.  I just happened to be mistaken (obviously not wrong though. Never wrong)  and these are just an update on how I feel now.  You can click on the titles to see my initial review.

Insidious Chapter 3– Old Score: 3.25/5; New Score: 2.75/5- This is the only one out of these 4 that I am giving a lower score to.  I think we can chalk this one up to it being one of my first reviews.  I have no idea what I was thinking getting this movie above the “good” threshold.  While the first half actually is pretty good, the second half is a cliché mess and not even close to good.  In addition, my comparison scores for the first 2 Insidious movies were 3/5, but they probably both deserve closer to a 3.5.

Sicario– Old Score: 4/5; New Score: 4.5/5- Upon further thinking about it and another watch, this movie became one of my favorite movies of the year, making it to #5 on my Top 10 2015 list.

The Gift– Old Score: 3.25/5; New Score: 3.75/5- One of the main reasons the initial score was so low was that I didn’t like the ending when I first saw it. But after giving it more thought, I think the ending really does work for the movie, hence the half point bump for The Gift.  An underrated movie and worth the watch if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Inside Out– Old Score: 3.5/5; New Score: 4.25/5- While 3.5 is by no means a bad score, it is way too low for this movie, as I’ve mentioned several times recently.  It is a great animated movie that both adults and kids can enjoy with a great message that has resonated with many people.

Let me know what you thought of these movies in the comments.

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