Free State of Jones Trailer Review

Where on earth did this movie come from?

I was going to do a review for this trailer sooner, as I saw it attached to The Revenant on Thursday night.  But it wasn’t available online until tonight so here we are.   Prior to seeing the trailer, the only thing I had heard about Free State of Jones was a brief mention in a podcast I listen to (The Top 10 Show with John Rocha and Matt Knost.  Highly recommended to any movie fan).  It wasn’t on my radar before that and seeing the trailer, but it sure is now.  This movie looks absolutely fantastic.  It’s about a farmer in the South during the American Civil War who decides he doesn’t like what the Confederacy is fighting for and rebels against them.  It is supposedly based on a true story.  And if that wasn’t enough to get you on board, will saying it stars Matthew McConaughey help? It certainly helped me and I think this may be towards the top of my most highly anticipated movies of the year at this point (too bad I didn’t know about it when I made this list).  It’s just one trailer and no one knows a whole lot about the movie yet, so it’s hard to say too much more about it. But the story is intriguing and McConaughey has been outstanding over the last 5 years or so, so I’m very excited about this movie.

Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think. Is Free State of Jones something you are looking forward to now as well?

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