The Big Short Movie Review

the big short

It’s about the time of year to start catching up on Oscar movies that I haven’t seen.  What better place to start than one nominated for 5 awards, including best picture?

The Big Short is based on the true story of the housing market collapse in 2008.  It follows the separate, yet connected, stories of several people who saw the collapse coming, and therefore bet against the always stable housing market.  I know; it sounds super boring.

My favorite part of this movie is that they take that very boring-sounding subject matter, and they make it interesting for the most part.  I really enjoyed parts of this film.  At times, it is a comedy that keeps you interested in the story because you are laughing at and with the characters.  Even if you aren’t laughing, the movie is set up in a way that somehow makes the subject matter entertaining for 2 hours.  They do some interesting things like break the “fourth wall” and have cameos of people that aren’t involved in the movie at all other than to tell you what’s going on in a way you can understand. Actually, it’s really hard to explain and I sound like an idiot right now.  So, I’ll move on to something else I liked about the movie- the performances.  The movie has an all-star cast featuring Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling, among others.  They all do a great job and I enjoyed Ryan Gosling’s performance in particular. I, for some reason, never enjoy watching him in movies.  He always seems so dry and boring.  But he plays a much different character in this one than he usually does, and I thought he did a great job.

While I did enjoy certain aspects and certain parts of the movie, I didn’t necessarily love it as much as many people do.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the way the movie was edited and put together.  It has a very particular style that many will like, but didn’t work for me for one reason or another.  I also found the tone of the movie to be a bit weird.  There were times where it was a straight up comedy, and others where it was more of a biographical kind of drama.  Obviously movies do this a lot, but this one seems to shift tones wildly from one minute to another.  It was quite jarring to me when it kept happening and took me out of the movie a bit.  The movie also seems to drag itself out a bit.  I found the first half much more enjoyable because by the time the second half rolled around, I thought the movie started to get really repetitive and never really moved forward.

I know my opinion on this one is going to be a bit unpopular.  Obviously this movie is getting a lot of attention and a lot of love, as evidenced by its best picture nod.  I just didn’t enjoy it quite as much.  It’s still clearly a really good movie though.  These movies that I can tell are good, but I didn’t love are always the hardest to score.  It’s hard to take too much away from a good movie, but this is my site and my review.  Because I did really enjoy parts of it but not others, I’ll give The Big Short a (still very good) 3.5/5.

Is any one else with me on thinking it’s a bit overrated or am I on my own with this one? Let me know in the comments.

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