Top 10 Alien Invasion Movies

With the release of the pretty terrible looking 5th Wave starring Chloe Grace Moretz this weekend, this week’s top 10 will focus on the Top 10 Alien Invasion Movies of all time. I thought about including The Avengers but I’m not sure I’d consider that an alien invasion movie.  I mean aliens invade but that isn’t really the focus.  If that were the case several other superhero movies would fall under this category (like Man of Steel).  So I’ll just leave superhero movies out altogether.  Other than that, this one kind of speaks for itself, so let’s get started:

10. Men in Black

– It’s a really fun movie that I loved as a kid and stull really enjoy watching whenever I catch it on TV.  Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have great chemistry as well.

9. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

– I watched this one yesterday for “research” because I had never seen it before.  It’s actually a really interesting movie and I may do a full classic movie review if I get a chance later in the week.  The reason it isn’t higher is I happen to enjoy these others a little more.

8. War of the Worlds

– Some great alien-fighting action and special effects make this an entertaining movie.  Oh and it has Tom Cruise.  That doesn’t hurt since, as I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, I enjoy most things he’s in. He may or may not be (he is) in another movie higher on this list.

7. Signs

– Remember this? You should because it’s the one everyone refers to as “M. Night Shyamalan’s last good movie”.

6. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

– Do the aliens technically invade in this movie? That’s up for debate (the answer is probably “not really”) which is why it isn’t higher.  But I like the movie enough that I think it deserves to be on here.

5. Pacific Rim

– Just because they come from a crack in the ocean floor doesn’t mean they aren’t aliens. Sure it has basically no story and the acting is questionable at best, but it’s very entertaining.

4. The Abyss

– Not sure the aliens really invade in this one either but they show they have the capability to (spoiler alert?) so I’m counting it.

3. The Thing

– This one features an alien invasion on a much smaller scale, but it’s still a great movie with Kurt Russell at his best.

2. Edge of Tomorrow

– Here’s Tom Cruise again in an underrated, better, and more fun version of Groundhog Day.

1. Independence Day

– The pinnacle of alien invasion movies.  Sure it’s not the greatest “film” in the world.  But if I was going to pick any “aliens blowing stuff up on earth while the president gives an amazing speech” movie to watch, it would be this one.  Sue me if you want, but this is my list.

Honorable Mentions: Transformers, Battle Los Angeles, any of the aforementioned superhero movies

Which alien invasion movies did I miss? Let me know below.

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