Top 10 Superhero Movies

With Deadpool coming out this weekend, I’m looking at the best superhero movies ever made, a list I’m sure I’ll have to revisit at some point with the 12034595 movies from this genre coming out over the next few years.  I already did a MCU-only list a while back, but then again I had Age of Ultron at #4 on that list so clearly it isn’t my strongest.  Spoiler Alert: it isn’t on this one.  Find out what is below:

10. The Dark Knight Rises

– Lots of movies fought hard for this spot but this one makes it because, despite its flaws, it’s a solid conclusion to the Nolan Batman movies.  It also has Tom Hardy which may or may not have been the deciding factor.

9. Man of Steel

– I know most people have big time problems with this movie, but this is the only Superman movie I’ve really enjoyed at all.  I thought it gave Superman stakes and forced him to make choices, adding depth to an otherwise boring character.  Feel free to tear this choice apart in the comments, but I’ll defend it to my grave.

8. Chronicle

– It’s a really great movie that puts a new spin on the genre.  It might have made it even higher but the fact that I’m not sure anyone does anything “heroic” in the movie keeps it down on the list a bit.

7. Unbreakable

– It’s a superhero movie at its core.  If you don’t believe me think about it for a minute and you will understand. Or rewatch it.  That couldn’t hurt either.

6. Spiderman

– I know a lot of people’s favorite Spiderman movie is the 2nd one (obviously talking the Tobey Maguire movies here, not the Andrew Garfield ones).  But I think that one is a little overrated and prefer this one.

5. Iron Man

– This kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a big way and is a great introduction to Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

– This was a movie that surprised me with how fun and entertaining it was.  Also, Chris Pratt.

3. Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

– A spy movie inside of a superhero movie.  It could have gone horribly, horribly wrong.  Luckily it didn’t.

2. The Avengers

– The first Avengers movie just barely beats out Cap 2.  It is the one I revisit more because it is incredibly entertaining.

1. The Dark Knight

– Normally I respect everyone’s opinion, but if this movie isn’t at the top of your list, it’s flat out wrong.  This is not only the best superhero movie of all time, it’s one of the best movies of all time period.  Its darker, realistic tone and great action sequences combined with one of, if not the best, performances I’ve ever seen by Heath Ledger as the Joker make this one for the ages.

Honorable mentions: Batman Begins, Batman (1989), The Incredibles, Ant-man

If you haven’t already you can tell me how much my Man of Steel pick sucks below.  Or you can just tell me your favorites.  I’d prefer the latter but it’s up to you.

Keep an eye out for my review of Deadpool this weekend, as well as a review for Room at some point soon.