Deadpool Movie Review


If your girlfriend/fiancé/wife/friend with benefits/weird mother/terrible friend forced you to see 50 Shades of Grey last Valentine’s Day, you have the perfect payback movie for this year.

Deadpool is another in a long line of superhero movies.  Except this isn’t your typical superhero movie.  It’s a self-aware, fourth wall breaking, fun movie featuring a man (Ryan Reynolds) who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He is approached by a shady guy claiming to be able to cure him by making him a superhero.  Things go wrong and he ends up becoming an invincible killing machine who gets revenge on those who wronged him and win his girlfriend (the chick from the first couple seasons of Homeland) back.

Based on the trailers, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with this movie.  But boy, did I end up enjoying this one a lot more than I thought I would.  This movie had me laughing the whole time, beginning with the opening credits.  It’s hilarious and pokes fun at itself and other movies in a meta kind of way. The writing is definitely to thank for that. Ryan Reynolds is fantastic and you can see he loves this character.  He pokes fun at some of his previous movies and he makes this role his own.  The action scenes are cool and a lot of fun (and violent for those of the faint of heart or weak stomachs).  They usually have humor sprinkled in while they happen.  The movie explains the origins of the characters in a way that doesnt feel forced. This was definitely a fresh take on a genre that may tire itself out soon if it’s not careful.

There wasn’t a whole lot I didn’t like.  Not all the jokes hit, at least for me, although a very large percentage did.  The movie also seems to drag just a little at times, but as soon as it does it usually picks back up.  Most of the problems that you could have, the movie acknowledges and makes fun of itself for.

Overall, Deadpool is a great time at the movies.  It knows what it is and shows it the whole time.  It won’t win any awards and isn’t a movie to take your grandmother to, but it’s a great way to laugh and enjoy yourself for a couple hours.  I’ll give Deadpool a much higher than expected 4.25/5.