Final Thoughts on the 2016 Oscars

Let’s start with the most important thing that occurred during the 2016 Oscars- I was 14/18 on my predictions.  That’s pretty strong if I do say so myself.  I got all of the major categories correct with the exception of best supporting actor (more on that later) and I don’t really feel bad about missing 3 technical awards.  Although now I’ve learned my lesson and should have just assumed Mad Max would win everything.

The Unsurprising

DiCaprio winning: Did anybody actually think Leo wouldn’t win this year.  Besides the fact there wasn’t a significant challenger, this was obviously a “body of work, sorry we didn’t get you sooner” Oscar more than anything else.  Well deserved though. Bravo.

The other major acting award: No one stood a chance against Brie Larson.

Inside Out: Obviously what is probably the 2nd best animated movie of the 21st century won.  Then again, the best animated movie of this century (The Lego Movie) didn’t even get nominated last year.  So who really knows?

Mad Max: It wasn’t a surprise that Mad Max took home so many awards.  It was nominated for 10 and won 6.  I didn’t think it would win quite that many, but I wasn’t exactly surprised.

Spotlight winning best picture: A lot of people were surprised by this.  I was not.  The Academy likes to go with the “topical” or “controversial” movies and this fit that bill.  It isn’t what I would have chosen (even though it’s a really good movie), but I saw it coming a mile away.

The Revenant winning in the Director and Cinematography categories: One of the best directed and best shot films I’ve seen recently.

The Surprising

Mark Rylance winning Best Supporting Actor: What? How? He would have been my 5th choice. Dead last.  He isn’t bad in Bridge of Spies, but he didn’t exactly stand out to me either.  I would have given it to either Stallone or Ruffalo for sure.

Star Wars shut out: It was nominated for 5 but came away with 0.  I thought for sure it would come away with a sound or visual effects award of some sort.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had won best score.  Maybe Episode 8 will pull in a few.

Writing’s on the Wall winning best song: While I’m very glad we avoided giving 50 Shades of Grey an Oscar, how did this one win? I remember sitting in the theatre thinking, “Wow, this kind of sucks for a Bond song”.  People clearly disagreed.

Those are my main thoughts on this year’s Oscars.  Yes, this was meant mostly just to pat myself on the back. Did I mention I went 14/18 on my picks? Let me know how awesome I am in the comments.  Oh and let me know your thoughts on the Awards as well I guess.