Ghostbusters Trailer Review

People always wonder why I usually think remakes/reboots are bad ideas.  This right here.  This is why.

My god does this movie look terrible.  Let me start with a question.  How is it that it’s been 32 years since the original Ghostbusters (an amazing movie in its own right), yet the ghosts in that movie look better than the ones in this movie? The CGI ghosts in this trailer look terrible and ridiculous.  Besides that, the humor just isn’t funny at all, at least to me.  If you are a fan of Melissa McCarthey’s shtick you might find it funny. I can’t stand her for the most part, so all of the jokes fell completely flat.  Some of them were downright cringeworthy.  The original movie had heart, a good (yet obviously far-fetched story), had great characters, and was hilarious.  Based on this trailer, I have not seen any of that from this new incarnation.

Obviously you can’t base too much off one trailer, but these are my observations so far.  It’s entirely possible they could change, but for now I’m not excited for this movie at all.  Just leave the classics alone, please.  This one hit me straight in the childhood.  Maybe nostalgia is clouding my judgement.  Or maybe it’s the bad CGI and terrible jokes.  You decide by checking out the trailer for the new Ghostbusters below and let me know what you think in the comments.