Top 10 Monster Movies

With the surprise Cloverfield sequel, reboot thing coming out this weekend I’m looking at the best monster movies.  What’s my criteria for a monster movie? Honestly I have no idea. These were just the ones that came to mind that featured “monsters” of some kind.

10. Cloverfield

– It’s actually a pretty good movie, but the found footage shaky-cam does make it hard to watch at times.

9. The Mummy

– While I’m not a huge fan of Brendan Fraser (is anyone really?), this is a fun adventure movie.  As long as you ignore the sequels.

8. Super 8

– JJ Abrams doing his best Spielberg impression.  And doing it well.

7. The Fly

– I was trying to figure out if this was really a monster movie or not.  Then I remembered this:

the fly

Yeah, it’s a monster movie.

6. Godzilla

– Believe it or not I am talking about the 2014 Gareth Edwards movie.  I actually really like it.  I like that you don’t see the monster that much; it adds a bit of tension for me.  The old Japanese movies are fine, but feel really dated and I can’t get into them.

5. Pacific Rim

– Does it have a story? Not really.  But watching giant robots beat the crap out of giant monsters is a lot of fun.

4. Predator

– It’s not even a guilty pleasure for me.  I think it’s actually a pretty good movie.

3. Alien

– While I like Aliens a little more, this one feels more like a monster movie to me, so it makes the list instead.  Great movie in its own right.

2. Jaws

– The best part about this pick is the monster is something that is real, which is why nobody went to the beach the year this came out.

1. Jurassic Park

– If you really want to know how much I like this movie and why, you can check out the explanations for one of the other 49523 times it’s been number one on one of these lists.  Yes I do remember Dr. Grant’s line “They aren’t monsters Lex, they are just animals.”  But no, they are monsters.  Big scary ones with lots of teeth.

Honorable Mentions: Monsters, Gremlins, King Kong

What are some of your favorite monster movies? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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