Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2 Review

Alright, now I’m a little more excited for this movie.  The first trailer they released really just confused me more than anything and didn’t really pump me up for it.  This one is a little more clear. Who exactly is on each side is shown and the reason for the fight is defined a little better, although I’m still a little unsure about that.  I don’t understand how what seems like a little difference of opinion about whether the superheroes should be controlled a little bit turns into a fight where they are trying to kill each other.  It seems like a bit of an overreaction and a stretch, but I’ll save too much talk about that until I see the movie.

The trailer has a bunch of action shots and we get to see several characters we didn’t see as much of in the first trailer.  Vision is in there for a second, Ant-man is in there, and we seen more of Black Panther.  There also appears to be a shot of who is supposed to be the villain apparently, Crossbones, played by Frank Grillo (Yes, I looked that up).  Which brings us to Spiderman.  I’m not 100% on board with showing him in the trailer.  They should have saved that for the movie, but they need to sell tickets.  It’s a business; I get it.  However, I still don’t like this Spiderman.  I said it way back when they cast Tom Holland and I still feel the same way.  I know Spiderman is younger in the comics yadda yadda yadda.  I don’t care about any of that because I don’t read comics.  To me it just feels jarring and out of place to see Spiderman and then have the voice of what sounds like a 12 year old come out from under the suit.  I almost laughed when he talked in the trailer.  This is all just my opinion and it may change after seeing the movie.  But for now I don’t dig the new Spiderman.

Overall the trailer did what it’s supposed to, which is get me excited.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this movie goes. I have a feeling I’m either going to love it, or it’ll be towards the bottom of Marvel’s movies depending on where they take it.  We’ll find out in a few months.  Check out the trailer below and let me know your thoughts in the comments.