Top 5 Basketball Movies

I couldn’t think of a suitable list related to movies coming out this weekend, but this week marks the beginning of the greatest sporting tournament on the planet- college basketball’s March Madness.  Because of that, I’m looking at the best basketball movies.  I haven’t seen a ton of basketball movies, which surprises me as it’s one of my favorite sports.  However, these are my favorites:

5. Space Jam

– Yes, it’s completely ridiculous, has some bad acting, and is getting very dated. But it’s a lot of fun; there’s no denying that.

4. He Got Game

– Honestly, this might deserve to be higher, but it’s been years since I’ve seen it.  I do remember really enjoying it, plus having Denzel in your movie never hurts.

3. Glory Road

– This story of the first all-black basketball team is quite incredible.  It tackles a lot of things outside of basketball, most notably racism.

2. Coach Carter

– Another phenomenal story, this time featuring Samuel L. Jackson as a tough as nails coach who turns around the lives of those who play for him.

1. Hoosiers

– Could it be anything else? It has some great performances and is one of the most inspirational movies of all time.  It’s not only the best basketball movie, it is one of the best sports movies in general.

Honorable Mentions: White Men Can’t Jump, Like Mike (not very good, but it’s a movie from my childhood)

Let me know what your favorite basketball movies are in the comments. Also, tell me your pick to win the tournament if you follow college basketball.

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