Man of Steel Movie Review

man of steel

With therelease of Batman v. Superman imminent, I’m looking at the first installment in this series, cinematic universe thing.  It also happens to be the only Superman movie I like at all. Some spoilers ahead, consider yourself warned.

Man of Steel is, in essence, an origin story for Superman.  It shows how he came to earth and how he learns to use his powers, mostly through flashbacks.  He then has to use his powers to stop the evil General Zod from turning Earth into Krypton. If you are still reading after my spoiler warning, it probably means you have seen the movie and know the plot already, so I won’t go into it anymore.

There are a bunch of things I like about this movie.  First of all, though it is a very dark take, it’s very entertaining.  I like the opening on Krypton, though parts of it could have been explained a little better.  I also like the structure of the movie and the way it uses flashbacks to show Superman growing up.  The action is great, although I will concede that some of the scenes go on a little too long.

The main reason I like this movie (and I pointed this out a bit in my Top 5 Batman and Superman Movies list) is that it actually made Superman interesting.  He’s always been a boring character to me.  He is invincible and all good, never having to make hard choices.  That is why I am strongly in favor of the choice he has to make in killing Zod to kill the family.  It shows he is willing to make the hard choice and adds layers to the character.  In my opinion, I think part of the reason he makes the choice he does is that he knows he could have used his powers to save his Earth father (Kevin Costner), earlier in the movie.  I believe that was a big push in him not wanting to let any more people die if he could control it.  Yeah, tons of people die during his battle against Zod through Metropolis, but I don’t know that he had much control over that.

It isn’t that I don’t have problems with the movie, because I definitely do. Some of the plot doesn’t make sense, mostly involving Russel Crowe’s ghost character who always seems to be able to help.  There is also the fact that Lois Lane is always involved for no real reason, though Amy Adams is great in the role.  I’m also not the biggest fan of Henry Cavill as Superman.  Though the movie makes the character more interesting, his portrayal in this movie is a bit dry.  The action scenes do go on a bit long, like I stated earlier.  The massive amount of destruction doesn’t bother me as much as it does pretty much everyone else. Most people love The Avengers and they take out half of New York, so I don’t understand the difference.  Plus it looks like Batman v. Superman will address it.  Whether this was always the plan or not is pretty irrelevant at this point.

Overall, Man of Steel is an improvement over other Superman movies that are super dated and overly cheesy to me.  I enjoy it, despite its flaws, and will give it a 3.75/5.

What do you think of Man of Steel? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned later today (hopefully), as I review my favorite Batman movie, The Dark Knight.

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