Top 5 Jake Gyllenhaal Movies

According to IMDB’s upcoming movies list, Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal comes out this week.  My local theater’s release list seems to disagree with that, so it may be a limited thing.  Regardless, it gives me the opportunity to talk about an actor who has recently become one of my favorites.  He has picked some excellent roles over the past 5 years or so and I’m excited to see what he does from here on. I was close to doing a top 10 list but couldn’t quite find 10 that I enjoy enough to put on here.  So here’s a Top 5 with some honorable mentions:

5. Southpaw

– It has some problems for sure and was only the second best boxing movie released last year, but it also has a lot to like with Gyllenhaal’s performance being at the top of that list.

4. Zodiac

– This is one that is underseen and underappreciated.  It’s a fascinating thriller with an all star cast and directed by David Fincher.  Check it out if you’ve never seen it.

3. Nightcrawler

– This one makes it this high due to his performance.  It’s extremely creepy and unnerving.  And honestly, so is the movie.

2. Prisoners

– Close to taking the top spot.  It is one of the best mystery movies ever made.  But don’t watch it if you have kids. Ever.

1. End of Watch

– While the gangsters in this movie seem way over the top, this is an extremely entertaining portrayal of the life of two LA cops.  Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena have great chemistry and this is one of the only movies to ever make me tear up.  It gets emotional at the end for sure.  I might be a little biased due to the fact I’m going into law enforcement, but this is my #1 Jake Gyllenhaal movie.

Honorable mentions: Everest (almost made it over Southpaw), Source Code, Jarhead, Donnie Darko

My favorite part about being done with this list is that I no longer have to focus on spelling Gyllenhaal correctly a bunch of time.  Your favorite part about being done reading it is that you now get to tell me your favorites in the comments below.

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