Top 10 Kevin Costner Movies

With Criminal (which I have already seen and reviewed here) coming out this weekend, I’m looking at the Top 10 Kevin Costner Movies. Yes, baseball movies do make the list… plenty of times.

10. Waterworld

– Is it a good movie? Not at all.  But it’s a fun Mad Max on water action movie.

9. Bull Durham

– This might deserve to be a bit higher but I haven’t seen it in years.  But it’s funny and features Costner in one of his best roles- as a baseball player.

8. Man of Steel

– I’ve talked plenty of times about how I like this movie more than most.  Costner has a small, but to me integral, part in the movie.

7. For Love of the Game

– I almost switched this one and Bull Durham but I think this is an underrated movie that goes a little deeper than the other one.

6. JFK

– Many of you would have this one higher, I’m sure.  It’s a great movie; very thought provoking.  But my God is it long.  It struggles to keep me fully interested until the courtroom scene.  Any movie longer than a Lord of the Rings movie is a little too much for me.

5. Open Range

– One of the better westerns made this century.  It has a solid story and a couple really good shootouts.

4. Draft Day

– I didn’t love this movie the first time I saw it.  But the next few times I grew to really enjoy it.  The last half hour is flat out great and brilliantly intense.

3. Thirteen Days

– A great political thriller that honestly kept me more invested than I was for most of JFK.  Probably not a popular opinion, but it’s mine.

2. Field of Dreams

– So close to putting this at number one.  I love this movie and just watched it again the other night.  The length of this movie (about an hour 45) might go by faster than any other movie.  Do yourself a favor and watch it if you’ve never seen it, especially if you are a baseball fan.  Yes, it’s the last baseball movie on the list.

1. The Untouchables

– While not the best overall mob movie ever made, it is probably the one I enjoy watching the most.  So many memorable moments and De Niro as Al Capone is fantastic casting

Honorable Mentions: Tin Cup, Criminal, No Way Out

What are your favorite Costner movies? Let me know in the comments.

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