Warcraft, Jason Bourne, and The Magnificent Seven Trailer Reviews

We have a few trailers to talk about today.  I kept intending to review the Warcraft one, but didn’t have time.  But then the Magnificent Seven teaser came out and I still didn’t have time.  Now the first Jason Bourne trailer is out and they have all piled up.  So here are my thoughts on each.  The trailers are also below, as always.


Is anyone actually excited for this movie at all? It looks terrible.  I was somewhat interested from the first trailer but lost interest the more times is I saw it.  Then this came out and it just looks bad.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a videogame guy and never played World of Warcraft.  But the idea of movies based on videogames is to bring in people who are not fans of the game.  I, for one, am out on this one.  It looks like a stupid, CGI mess.  Here’s the most recent trailer for anyone who wants to suffer through it.

The Magnificent Seven

The original Magnificent Seven is one of my favorite westerns ever.  And while normally I hate remakes, I was excited when this was announced, mostly due to the cast.  You don’t get a whole lot in this trailer, but the action looks great and there are some solid moments between Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt.  Hopefully there are plenty more of those.  I always love a good western so hopefully this one can pull it off.  Then again, it can’t be worse than Jane Got A Gun.

Jason Bourne

Saved the best for last.  Bourne is back.  After the atrocity that was The Bourne Legacy, I’m very excited for the return of Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass to the series.  There are some awesome scenes in this trailer and the fights look amazing.  It is also just a perfect trailer overall.  It shows you a lot without showing you anything  You still don’t really know what everyone’s motives are in this one.  There is some mystery still and I can’t wait to see it in July to find out more.