Top 10 Superheroes

Man, even my Top 10 lists are catching superhero fatigue. Having already done Top 10 Superhero Movies, Top 10 Movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Top 5 Batman and Superman Movies, I’m running out of topics for these lists.  So I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel and looking at the Top 10 Superheroes in movies (and a little Netflix).  The main things I looked at when creating the list were the quality of movies they are featured in and how interesting/enjoyable I find the character. 

10. Professor Xavier

– I don’t like the X-Men movies all that much, but he is by far the second best character portrayed in them.

9. Spiderman

– I know a lot of people would have him higher, but I just don’t like his movies very much.  The teenager fighting crime aspect of it also feels out of place to me in most cases, which is one of the reasons I’m apprehensive about his appearance in Civil War.

8. Superman

– Another one a lot of people would have higher.  I’ve stated numerous times that he isn’t all that interesting to me and the first Superman movie I actually enjoyed was Man of Steel.

7. Daredevil

– We are going to pretend the Ben Affleck movie doesn’t exist and just focus on the Netflix version here.  Cheating? Maybe. Do I care? Nah.

6. The Punisher

– I think the 2004 Thomas Jane version is underrated and his recent appearance on Daredevil (and the announcement of his own Netflix series) solidifies this spot for him.

5. Deadpool

– What can I say? I really enjoyed that movie.  Ryan Reynolds was born to play that role.

4. Wolverine

– The second (and last) X-Man of this list, this is the one character more interesting than Xavier as I alluded to above.  He is the only reason I watch the X-men movies and it’ll be hard to replace Hugh Jackman in that role when he hangs up the claws.

3. Iron Man

– Here’s another one that is hard to see anyone else filling the role.  Robert Downey Jr. is great as the quick witted, billionaire superhero.

2. Captain America

– He beats out Iron Man based on the fact that I enjoy Winter Soldier (and hopefully Civil War) more than any Iron Man movie.

1. Batman

– It wasn’t even close.  He’s by far the most interesting character.  Yeah, his movies hit a rough patch after 1989’s Batman.  But the Nolan films are all great, and Batfleck was the best part of Batman vs. Superman.

Honorable Mentions: Ant-man, Hulk

I’m not the biggest superhero fan, so go ahead and tell me while I’m wrong in the comments.