Liebster Award Nomination Round 2 (and 3!)

liebster award

A few days ago, I was nominated for a Liebster Award for the second time.  If you don’t know, the award is basically a way to spread the love to other blogs and get them recognized.  Big shoutout to Diego from Lazy Sunday Movies for the nomination.  His site is great and you should all check it out and give him a follow.  Due to the fact I’m a busy guy, especially these few weeks, and since I did a full post when I was nominated the first time (check that out here).

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

-I’ll probably go Die Hard, but wouldn’t complain about Jurassic Park or Top Gun either.

If a film was made about your life story, who would you cast to play yourself?

– John Krasinski (aka Jim from The Office).  We look nothing alike, but his character in that show has my exact sense of humor, which would be important to nail when playing me.

First movie you remember watching?

-Probably one of the Land Before Time movies.

Favourite movie genre?

-Action for sure

Favourite movie quote?

-Too tough to choose. Half my sentences involve quoting a movie.

I normally hate watching movies before 2000’s (except some classics). Recommend a movie that might change my mind.

-If you haven’t seen them: Die Hard, Jurassic Park, Top Gun, A Few Good Men, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Saving Private Ryan, Star Wars, Seven, The Silence of the Lambs, and any ’80s action movie if you are looking for a cheesy good time.  These are all mostly classics, so hopefully you’ve seen them.  If not… I can’t help you.

Favourite TV show at the moment?

-Not a huge TV person. I like Game of Thrones but have yet to watch any of this season.  Also really enjoy NCIS and Hawaii Five-0 if we are talking cable TV.

Go-to weapon in a zombie apocalypse?

-I’d have to go with some sort of gun.  I’m a decent shot and it would allow me to take out a bunch of zombies without having to get too close.

Would you rather lose both arms or both legs?

-Well I can’t write movie reviews and drink whiskey without my arms, so I’ll go legs.

If you could have one power, what would it be?

-Reading minds.  Most women think that you’re able to do it anyway (except my girlfriend, she’s pretty good about that), so might as well actually be able to.

When did you start blogging and why?

-It’ll be a year in June (wow). Somebody suggested it to me and I decided to do it.  It’s become more popular than I expected so now I’m just rolling with it.

What do you do when you’re not in front of a keyboard?

-Hopefully I’m at a beach with a cold one in my hand.  If not, I’m probably watching sports, hanging out with my girlfriend/other friends/family, etc.  I also just got a job as a police officer, so I’ll be starting the Academy for that pretty soon.

Thanks again to Diego for nominating me! Again, check out his stuff (the link is in the opening).  Also look at his post and check out the other people he nominated.  I know some of them and they are worth following as well.

UPDATE: Soon after receiving this nomination, I also received my third (!!) nomination for the Liebster Award.  I can’t express my appreciation enough for people recognizing me blog this often. This time I owe a shoutout to Ben over at Views from the Sofa for this nomination. I figured I’d tack on my answers to his questions on the end of this post as a thank you for the nomination so here goes:

  1. DC Cinematic Universe or Marvel Cinematic Universe? – Marvel, but still pulling for DC to make some good movies here at some point.
  2. Star Wars or Star Trek?- Star Wars. Not even close.
  3. Arnie or Sly Stallone? – Oh man. Do I have to choose? Sly probably gets the slightest of edges but I’m already regretting that choice.
  4. Steven Spielberg or Oliver Stone?- Spielberg hands down
  5. Disney Classic or Pixar? Pixar
  6. Captain America or Iron Man? Cap in another close one
  7. Freddie Kruegar or Jason Vorhees?  Freddie
  8. Michael Bay? Yay or Nay? I would say Nay but a lot of his movies are guilty pleasures of mine. Plus 13 Hours was actually really good in my opinion.
  9. Jason Bourne or James Bond? Bond just because there’s more movies to watch. Bourne would win in a fight though
  10. Blog or Podcast? Had a podcast for a while. Really hard to do and keep up with consistently.  Blog is easier
  11. Movie or TV? Movies

Thanks again Ben for the nomination.  Everyone check out and follow his blog!