Finding Dory Movie Review

finding dory

When I first heard about this movie I thought, “Does Finding Nemo really need a sequel?” After seeing this… I am still asking the same question.

Finding Dory is the follow up to Finding Nemo and tells the story of Dory trying to find her family.  With Marlin and Nemo in tow along with some new friends, adventures ensue, mostly taking place inside an aquarium.

Right off the bat, as I sort of alluded to already, I have to say I was a little disappointed by this movie. It’s not a bad movie by any means.  For the most part, all of your favorite characters are back and as fun as they were in the first movie. And there are a few new characters that are very enjoyable.  The voice acting is all good, particularly Ellen DeGeneres as Dory. There are a few moments that are funny for adults, though I think most of the humor was aimed more at the kids.

What this movie is really missing is the magic of Finding Nemo.  That movie is charming and hilarious and fun. I didn’t get the same feeling from this one. In fact, I found myself bored during parts of it, which never happened with the first one, even watching it now.  I think they could have thrown in a little more jokes for adults, since many of us were kids when the original came out.  I also wasn’t a huge fan of how most of the movie takes place in basically one place, instead of many different places like the first movie.

Overall, I don’t have a ton of gripes with the movie. I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first one, which is one of my favorite animated movies.  I can’t put my finger on any huge reasons why, other than it just doesn’t have the same charm. It’s worth a watch, especially if you enjoy the first movie (or if you’re 10). But in the end I walked out a little let down and because of that Finding Dory gets a 3.25/5.

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I’m a little behind on my reviews and posts due to me being pretty busy (I saw this on Friday). But I’m going to do my best to get you guys a review for Independence Day 2 (which I also saw this weekend) and this week’s Top 10 list as soon as I can. So stay tuned for that stuff.