Independence Day: Resurgence Movie Review


Fans of the original Independence Day have been waiting 20 years for a sequel. And for the wait we get… this. Let’s talk about it.

This long awaited sequel tells the story of the aliens returning to finish what they started in the first movie.  Despite Earth’s upgraded defenses, we don’t seem to stand a chance against them. But in the words of Bill Pullman: “We didn’t last time either”. So, Thor’s little brother teams with Jeff Goldblum to save the day.

I went into this with zero expectations.  I just wanted something that entertained me, like the first movie did and does to this day.  Let’s be honest, that movie is not exactly a perfect piece of cinema by any means. But it is cheesy, ’90s fun.  I think having low expectations helped me going into this one. I didn’t hate it by any means.  The reviews are awful and I totally understand why. But I was, at the very least entertained, watching this. I never found myself bored with it.  I thought a lot of the invasion and action scenes were good, even if they did go overboard with the CGI.  There is some incredibly cheesy humor in here, but most of it made me chuckle.

With that said, oh boy does this movie have some problems. First of all, there are way too many characters crammed in here.  They tried to fit in as many characters from the first movie as they could, whether it made sense to have them in here or not. They also added a bunch of new characters on top of that.  To make matters worse, the movie doesn’t really make you care about any of the characters, new or old.  In addition, as I mentioned earlier, the CGI is way overdone. One thing that made the first one great was the use of practical effects.  The effects in this one felt lazy.  The movie is also fairly poorly written in terms of the story and some of the dialogue.  The first movie is simple, but effective.  This one tries to do a bit too much and gets a little confusing.

Overall, this movie has plenty of problems.  But I never hated watching it. There is fun to be had in it for sure.  It is nowhere near as good as the first, but I’m not sure anyone expected it to be.  Even though I did enjoy the movie for what it was, I still can’t get the score super high. Independence Day: Resurgence gets a 2.75/5.

What did you think of this one? Comment below and let me know.